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    From casetasdejardin24.com we have a wide catalog of wooden huts that can be adapted to different styles of uses, such as large garden houses with bathrooms and several rooms that function as a second home or to receive your guests, through spaces for have a secondary office, and even sheds and garages to keep the car or storage in general.

    We will take advantage of this blog entry to review some of the best alternatives for large and medium wooden huts that we have in active stock, as well as to detail the global advantages of getting some of these prefabricated buildings.

    Large wooden huts with bathroom and several rooms 

    Large wooden cabins or huts can easily become a main home, as well as a second home where you can receive your guests with all the comfort guarantees expected from this type of building. 

    For the aforementioned purposes, it is essential that the wooden shed has a bathroom and at least one or two bedrooms, since otherwise the comfort could not be enough for the building to be fully habitable for long periods of time. 

    For example, the Devon 2 model in our catalog is a solid option that offers all the resources of this niche of wooden huts, since it is equipped with a bathroom and a couple of bedrooms, in addition to being manufactured with the same best materials in the garden house sector.

    While if you are looking for a plus of luxury for this garden dwelling, then the Devon 3 Wooden Sauna House could be exactly what you are looking for, with its 70 millimeter thick wooden planks, as well as a system of doors and windows with double glazing.

    wooden huts

    Medium wooden huts that also fall into the premium category 

    Although their dimensions are not the same as the large wooden huts , from kennels24.com we also offer medium-sized alternatives that also qualify in the premium category of our brand. 

    A clear example is the Martin I wooden shed, which, despite being medium in size, still offers space for a bathroom, a bedroom that connects to the living room and a spacious porch outside.

    On the other hand, the Hansa Corner Deluxe garden shed is a versatile 22-square-meter construction with enough space to install a bedroom and a living room, with the only limitation of not having a bathroom, although the latter sticks with the beautiful porch that this design offers.

    Main benefits of large and medium wooden huts 

    If you have in mind to acquire a wooden shed of medium to large dimensions, it is important that you take into account the different advantages that you will be receiving with your purchase: 

    • Friendly with the environment: the wooden huts, being made with totally natural materials, are constructions that do not threaten the stability of the environment.
    • A construction with a lot of durability: the types of wood and glass that we use in the prefabricated models of garden booths24.com guarantee a durability superior to those of its competition, as long as the cabin is carefully maintained.
    • Unbeatable prices: a wooden shed can be much cheaper than its peers made of concrete or bricks.
    • Energy savings: if after building your wooden shed you complete an insulation process in the construction then you will not have to resort to excessive use of heating or air conditioning in winter or summer. 
    • Top-of-the-line design: all the wooden shed models that we offer in our catalog were designed with the highest standards of finish and style. 

    If you are thinking of acquiring a large or medium wooden shed in the short term, do not hesitate to go to casetasdejardin24.com to verify the quality of each of our options for sale. And if you need help in the assembly process, we can also advise you!

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