• Casetas de jardín de madera para todos los gustos: las 7 mejores alternativas multifuncionales

    The profile of users of wooden garden sheds can vary exponentially. There are those who need a space to receive guests, either to accommodate them for a few days or to share a special afternoon; there are also people who are looking for a garden house to turn it into a game room for young people and adults; and there are also professionals from different areas who work from home, so they need a place away from the main home to dedicate themselves to their work tasks.

    Next, we will review a selection of the seven best options that can be purchased at Garden Sheds 24. The crème de la crème when it comes to wooden garden sheds !

    Wooden house – Holiday R model

     One of the wooden garden sheds with the highest average score by the clients of Casetas de Jardín 24, and there is no shortage of reasons for it. Are you thinking of building a pool house in your garden to spend the summer with the family? Do you need a space so that your elderly relatives can live close to you and thus avoid worries? Or do you simply want a guest cabin that is like a dream for your guests?

    No matter what mission you have in mind, the Holiday R wooden garden shed is the absolute all-rounder in our catalogue: 40 square meters of usable space, two bedrooms and an 8 x 2 meter porch are the advantages this offers. model and that speak for themselves.

    Wooden house with mezzanine – Model Sweden J

     The 35 square meters of usable area of ​​this model of wooden garden shed may sound somewhat limited to define the large number of uses that the Sweden J brings with it, and much more when we verify that only a 7 x 7 plot is needed. 4 meters to build it.

    However, the secret of this wooden garden shed lies in its mezzanine, which is spacious enough to be used as a bedroom, thus multiplying the use of each square meter of this jewel of modern design.

    Garden shed with storage room – Liam Plus model

    When we talk about fully functional wooden garden sheds, we cannot forget Liam Plus, one of the most popular models among our customers. It has 22 square meters of useful area, combined between the 16 square meters of its main room, and the almost 6 square meters of the storage room with which this wooden garden shed is equipped.

    All its doors have European-made fittings, it also has double-glazed windows with tempered safety glass and 44-millimeter-thick walls reinforced with metal rods. Combine this wooden garden shed with a floor and roof insulation kit to increase energy efficiency and this beauty can easily be converted into a home.


    Garden shed – Model Eva F

    Practicality is synonymous with this functional wooden shed, ideal for anyone who needs to build a garden workshop or establish a storage space in the patio of their house.

    Its 12 square meters of usable space, together with three double-glazed windows and 44-millimeter-thick walls, make the Eva F model the perfect companion to take advantage of that unused space you might have in your garden.


    Wooden House – Oklahoma Model

    A true paradise of 26 square meters, with an ideal bedroom to accommodate visitors at any time of the year, and a mezzanine that adds a total of 10 additional square meters of storage to this marvelous wooden garden shed.

    Undoubtedly, one of the bets with the best value for money in Casetas de Jardín 24.

    Wooden gazebo – Model Elizabeth L

    This octagonal design gazebo has roof panels with tégola in black by default and with the possibility of choosing between brown, grey, green or red, as well as 120-millimeter vertical posts, seven railings and premium Nordic wood flooring. quality.

    With the capacity to accommodate up to eight diners, this wooden garden shed is designed to celebrate breakfasts, lunches and dinners outdoors with family or friends.

    Wooden Garage – Deluxe Model G with overhead door

    The 70-millimeter thick walls and storm rods located in the four corners make the Deluxe G with overhead door an all-rounder in the individual garage sector. The garage is almost four meters wide and has an overhead door, and the attached carport is over three meters wide.

    Do you have two vehicles at home? Well, you no longer have to worry about finding a parking space: the backyard of your home is the answer!

    In addition to the seven detailed examples, there are many other models of wooden garden sheds available at Garden Sheds 24 , which adapt to a large number of types of uses.

    Remember that the first step to build that dream place in the patio of your home is to have top quality materials, and the Nordic fir with which all our models are built offer safety, comfort and durability at very high levels.

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