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  • What Is a Typical Garden Sauna Cabin?

    You may have heard about the numerous health benefits of taking a sauna bath. A sauna is an essential part of many households in Finland, but in Spain, it’s a luxury that not many people have access to. At the same time, it’s a very affordable luxury and it’s also something that many people could begin to enjoy if they only knew more about it. A sauna cabin is the perfect place to relax after a long day at work. It’s a special place to unwind and cleanse the mind and body.

    In this article, we will explore the characteristics of our sauna cabins.

    Sauna Cabin Features

    A sauna cabin is a 4-26 m2 garden building that includes a sauna room. The standard equipment level of the sauna room includes sauna benches and headrests, a stove guard and wooden floor grates. The roof of the sauna is insulated so that the heat stays longer in the sauna. The walls of the sauna cabin can be between 44 and 70 mm thick, but 70 mm is the more popular option. Depending on the model, the cabin can also have a separate shower and toilet, a dressing room, 1-2 bedrooms or a living room.

    Our Sauna Cabin Selection

    We have a wide variety of different sauna cabin models. Here are some of our top picks from this category:

    Small Outdoor Sauna Cabin  is a compact sauna cabin that is available with three roof design options. It is a 2 x 2 m sized building  that can accommodate from three to four adults.

    Garden Sauna Cabin Lisette is 2 x 4 m in size with 79 mm thick walls. It has a changing room and a sauna room. The changing room can also used to enjoy some refreshing drinks in between or after the heat sessions

    Summer House Hansa Lounge XXL includes a sauna room for 3-4 people, a changing room and a spacious 15 m2 living room. There is also a 16 m2 covered terrace where you can go to cool down between heat sessions.

    Big Garden Sauna Karina is a versatile garden building with a sauna room, a changing room, a shower room and also a 10 m2 living room with a separate 9 m2 loft bedroom. This model provides a wide variety of options on how to use it besides the sauna. Because it is a spacious outbuilding, you can use it to entertain friends and a place where they can stay overnight.


    Other Points Worth Noting

    One central element of the sauna is the heater. The heater has either electric resistances or a firebox, which heats the stones at the top of the stove. If you want, you can pour a scoop of water on top of the hot stones, so that the warm water vapour heats the room instantly.

    A garden sauna can be used in many different ways. In Finland, the country of origin of saunas, the sauna room is heated to 70-80 degrees and water is thrown on the stove frequently, resulting in an intensely hot steam. A gentler way to enjoy the sauna is the Central European style, where the sauna is heated to 50-60 degrees and you lie there for up to half an hour at a time without necessarily throwing water on the stove.

    If you are still getting familiar with sauna bathing, we recommend starting it gently, gradually increasing the intensity and duration, and listening to your own body’s reactions. Saunas involve heavy sweating and therefore it is important to remember to take care of hydration during and after taking a sauna bath.

    Going to the sauna is a safe hobby for all ages. The state of relaxation brought by the heat can be very addictive!

    Please note that our sauna cabins do not include a heater. We are happy to assist you in choosing a suitable heater and also in other sauna-related questions so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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