Timber Garages

Our DIY timber garages, double garages and carports are the fastest and probably the cheapest way to build. They are all supplied in full sets: sturdy 44mm prefabricated interlocking double tongue and groove wall planks made of the finest Nordic spruce, double glazed windows, 18mm roof boards, strengthening metal storm braces inserted throughout the entire wall in four corners, nails, screws, detailed plans, assembly manual and classic double doors or German made Hörmann up and over doors depending on your choice. Factory guarantee is 5 years, but with proper care they last for decades. Installation time is usually 2-3 days for a DIY’er, while our professional fitters install most of our wooden garage models within a day.

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Introducing our timber garage and carport product category

Do you own a car or several cars, but store them outside on your yard or next to the street? Do you like to take good care of your car and would need a dedicated space for that? Maybe you have other plans for the garage than just parking your car there. In this article, we present our timber garage and carport product category, which has many different models.

Garage and carport features

The most important function of a garage or carport is to protect your car. It is also a convenient place to store everything related to vehicles, such as tools, car fluids and other related items needed for car maintenance.

The garages and carports in our selection are made of slow-growing Nordic spruce. The wall thickness is at least 44 mm. Depending on the model, the doors are either traditional side-opening double doors or German-made Hörmann up-and-over doors, which are convenient and easy to use. The windows have double glazing. Our selection includes different models with different designs for one car as well as two.

Our garage and carport selection

Wooden Carport Henley XL is a spacious 6 x 5 m carport that can shelter two cars. It is made of glulam timber, which is particularly sturdy. Henley XL is also suitable as a canopy for other purposes than accommodating vehicles. Henley is also available as a 3.7 x 5 m single carport.

Garage and Carport Combination is a solution of two separate spaces that protects two cars. It has a wall thickness of 70 mm. You can use this combination to store a wide range of goods and means of transport. There are variations of this model with both up-and-over doors and double doors with two different roof designs.

Double Garage has two separate garage doors and a smaller side door. It has a wall thickness of 70 mm and a large uniform space of 5.7 x 5.5 m. You can choose this model with either both up-and-over doors or double doors and with two different roof designs.

Garage Hansa is an affordable one-car garage. The smaller model is 3 x 5.5 m in size and the larger one is 4.5 x 5.5 m. Hansa can also be utilized as a yard storage, for example, where you can store a lawnmower and other garden tools.

Other points worth noting

Garages and carports are delivered prefabricated, so their assembly has been made as easy as possible. The standard delivery content does not include foundations or flooring. You can also choose as additional features rain gutters and roof shingles at checkout. If you wish, you can upgrade the thickness of the walls one level upwards.

Of course, the garage or carport can also be used for many other purposes, such as yard storage or, for example, as a home office. So preferably plan the potential uses of the garage in advance as precisely as possible and then choose a model of suitable size for your needs.

The manufacturer grants a 5-year warranty for all garages and carports. With regular care, they last even decades. Treat the wooden surfaces regularly with a wood preservative and check the condition of the roof to make sure there is no water leaking from anywhere, so your building stays in good condition.

You can fit a lot of things in the garage when you make use of the wall spaces and why not also the inner ceiling too by installing various storage and fastening systems. A passionate DIY’er should definitely choose a larger two-car garage, in order to create a convenient workstation for DIY projects.