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    Respuestas a tus dudas sobre casetas de jardín y construcción de madera. Consulta la normativa local y más.

    Do I need any planning permissions for a garden building?

    Before making the purchase, we recommend checking local regulations. The answer depends on the corresponding municipality, and requirements may vary from one municipality to another.

    Do I need a building permit to construct a log cabin?

    In Spain, the construction of a wooden house is not always allowed by municipalities. Legislation regarding prefabricated wooden houses requires compliance with specific regulations. Each locality establishes its limitations and conditions for construction, so it is advisable to inquire about the current urban planning regulations in the municipal area. To obtain a certificate and permits for water and electricity connections, a dwelling must be built in an urban area with a technical project supervised by an architect. It is advisable to contact your local town hall and ask.

    What is included in the cabin kit?

    The kit includes all prefabricated wooden pieces, metal fixings, screws and nails, doors and windows, floor and roof boards. For an additional cost, we supply optional cabin extras such as bitumen roofing shingles, thermal insulation kit for the floor and roof, wood stains, foundation kits etc., as well as assembly services.

    Not included: technical project, construction permit, foundation, electrical installations, HVAC, plumbing, sanitary fixtures, appliances, furniture, or the application of wood protector.

    What are the windows like?

    The windows are tilt-and-turn made of pine wood, with double glazed tempered glass.

    What does the insulation kit consist of?

    The thermal insulation kit for the floor and roof consists of rigid panels, such as Kingspan Therma TP10 with a thickness of 30 mm or similar, OSB boards, and screws. The insulating material is a rigid polyisocyanurate panel with an aluminum coating.

    What type of wood protector do you offer, and how is it applied?

    We supply Remmers HK Lasur, a highly resistant wood protector specially designed for outdoor use. Remmers HK Stain products are water based which means they are totally non-hazardous to children, pets, wildlife and the environment. With low to no odour they are far more pleasant to apply than oil based finishes but are just as effective.

    When applying the wood protector, it is essential to observe the following:

    • Stir the paint with a stick every 20 minutes to prevent the pigment from settling at the bottom.
    • Apply two coats.
    • Use a brush only for painting (never use a roller) and ensure an even layer.
    • Avoid drips and runs of paint, as they leave darker stains that are impossible to match later.

    Where can I view the cabins?

    Visit our displayroom and office at:
    C​a​l​l​e​ ​R​e​p​ú​b​l​i​c​a​ ​C​h​e​c​a​,​ ​S​/​N​,​ ​P​o​l​í​g​o​n​o​ ​d​e​,​ ​2​9​6​7​0​ ​S​a​n​ ​P​e​d​r​o​ ​A​l​c​á​n​t​a​r​a​,​ ​M​á​l​a​g​a

    Visit our exhibition at BIGMAT Moreno Comercial:
    Carretera A7053 Fuengirola-Coin Km. 9, Cruce de Entrerríos, Mijas Costa, Málaga
    Opening hours on weekdays 07.30 – 20.00; Saturdays 9.00 – 13.30

    What type of foundation do you recommend for wooden sheds?

    The cabin should be constructed on a stable and level base. The suitable foundation type depends on the ground and the size of the house. You can find more information about different foundations here:


    Do you offer financing?

    Currently, we do not offer financing options. If you need to seek financing from your bank, please feel free to request a quote from us.

    Can I assemble the shed myself?

    The kit includes detailed plans for the shed, and if you have carpentry knowledge and experience, you can assemble it yourself. To get an idea of the assembly process, we recommend watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aySQpUNOqAM

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