BBQ Huts

Our traditional Scandinavian BBQ Huts and Lapland style grillkotas are hexagonal and octagonal wooden cabins with a central charcoal BBQ grill, a granite table fitted around the grill, an adjustable smoke extraction hood, a chimney and a chimney cap set, and wooden benches.

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Introducing our BBQ Hut product category

Do you like to grill, but don’t have the right place for it? Do you like to invite friends over and cook for them? Do you appreciate food prepared with the fire of a charcoal grill? In that case, we would like to introduce our BBQ Hut product category, which includes gazebos, Scandinavian style barbecue huts and modern barbecue cabins with a grill.

Features of a BBQ Hut

A BBQ Hut is a yard building where everything revolves around the grill. The tradition probably originates from Finnish Lapland, where people gathered in a hut around the fire not only to warm themselves, but also to cook and eat. There is a lot of options to choose from in the BBQ Hut category in terms of design. In addition to the traditional Lappish grill kota, there are also gazebo models with open walls. More spacious models that have a little sitting area for other purposes as well as a place for grilling are also available. Barbecue cabins representing the most modern design can also be found either with or without their own veranda.

The heart of BBQ Hut is, of course, a spectacular Finnish-made charcoal grill that has a height-adjustable cooking crate. Above the grill is a height-adjustable stove hood that leads the smoke out through the chimney. There is either a round or angular granite surface around the grill. Around 10-15 people can fit on the benches around the grill, depending on the model.

Our BBQ Hut selection

BBQ Hut Seattle is a 6 m2 hexagonal model that can accommodate 10 people and the lager 9.5 m2 octagonal model can accommodate 14 people. The walls have windows and the cabin is entered through double doors. It is also possible to order the walls without windows.

BBQ Hut Albatros is available as a 12 m2 version and a 15 m2 XL version. Albatros is more spacious in its width and can fit, for example, kitchen furniture and accessories or, for example, a sofa bed.

BBQ Cabin Elias has a more modern design and is available as a 7 m2 model and also a 10 m2 XL-model. Elias includes a barbecue room and a covered terrace. So you can choose whether you want to sit and eat by the grill or preferably on the veranda. For the Elias models there is also a handy foundation set for either hard or soft ground available as an accessory.

Wooden Grill Gazebo Lotte is a grilling place with open walls, available as 6 m2 and 9 m2 versions. Lotte is great for warm areas where you don’t need to keep the building warm with the grill. The open walls ensure that you can simultaneously enjoy the fresh air.

Other points worth noting

A BBQ Hut is easy and quick to install. You can also order it with installation. Just look for a suitable place for the BBQ Hut in your yard and prepare the foundation in advance.

BBQ Hut can be used on every day of the year. Rainy or cool weather is not an obstacle, because it is warm and cosy by the grill. The chimney rain cover prevents water from pouring directly into the chimney.

The grill can also be used as a fireplace just to create an atmosphere and spend time in the cabin with friends and family. The cottage can even be used as a temporary home office or you can organize meetings and gatherings at the table.

In conclusion, a high quality BBQ Hut will definitely take your barbecue experience to the next level. Working with the living fire coming from wood or charcoal has a very special ambiance to it. It is an invitation to the ancient way of cooking.