Sauna Cabins

Our sauna cabins are typical Finnish sauna cabins. Most of our sauna cabins come with massive 70 mm wall thickness to ensure maximum thermal resistance, this helps heat the sauna cabin quicker and keeps it hotter for longer. All our sauna cabins come with the full standard log cabin kit to ensure your cabin is built without spending any extra money, in other words so-called fair prices without any hidden extras. Additionally, all our sauna cabin kits include: spacious sauna rooms, sauna benches, headrests, insulated sauna ceilings (an absolute must) and stove guards made of the finest selected wood, and wooden floor grates.

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What is included in the sauna cabin kit?

Our sauna cabin kits include pressure-treated foundation frames, prefabricated wall logs, double-glazed doors, and windows, floorboards and roof boards, all metal fixings, screws, nails, bolts, nuts, glass sauna door, sauna benches, insulated sauna room ceiling, headrest, assembly manual and detailed cabin plans.

What is not included in the sauna cabin kit?

Available to buy in addition to the standard sauna cabin kit, we supply roofing materials, wood paints and stains, sauna heaters, cabin base structures as well as gutters and floor and roof insulation kits. If you order additional materials with us, all these extras will be delivered together with your sauna kit.

Our cabin installation services are available in all parts of Spain.

What sauna heater is the best one to buy?

There are many good sauna heater options available to purchase from sauna shops as well as on Amazon. If you are not planning to buy the sauna heater from us, just keep in mind the volume of the sauna room to ensure you buy a heater with appropriate output.

We supply Harvia and Saunum heaters.

„Harvia Cilindro“ heaters are traditional sauna heaters with 80 kg of sauna stones and are made in Finland. A heater such as the Cilindro with a large amount of sauna stones gives longer-lasting and smoother steam delivery than models with fewer stones. This model can be operated in three ways: the basic model has two buttons on the heater, one for adjusting temperature and the other one for switching on/off and adjusting timer. Then there are models that instead of buttons on the heater, have a separate control unit which is usually attached to the wall of the cabin, just outside of the sauna room. The third and most advanced way to operate the sauna heater is by using an app installed on your mobile phone. This allows you to switch on and off your sauna heater no matter where you are.

Saunum heaters are probably the World’s most advanced sauna heaters. With these heaters, you can turn your sauna into 4 different saunas! Depending on your mood, you can enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna, sanarium, steam sauna, and salt chamber. For use in outdoor sauna cabins, we recommend the Saunum Primary model. It is the best choice for outdoor sauna cabins since it sits firmly on the floor and doesn’t put any pressure on the wall.

How the sauna cabins will be delivered

As a rule, we deliver our sauna cabin kits on a Hi-Ab crane truck. Our delivery team uses Hi-Ab vehicles with an unloading crane for easy and safe unloading. We will always try and unload your sauna cabin packs as close to your desired location as possible. Due to the weight of the vehicles and extending safety support arms, our delivery vehicles can only operate on hard standing and are not able to drive into your garden, over soft ground or fields. For delivery to occur we need sufficient space and access for the lorry and unloading crane to manoeuvre. Please ensure that you tell the driver where to place the cabin so that it is not obstructing anything as we are unable to return and move the package(s) once the vehicle has left your property.

How long will it take to build a sauna cabin?

All sauna cabins come with general assembly instructions, detailing all key moments of the assembly. Together with your log cabin, you will also receive a detailed product manual specific to your cabin.

Building a small sauna cabin will normally take two people with sufficient DIY skills 2-4 days, while medium-sized and larger cabins may take from 6 days to two weeks, depending on your skills as well as the tools you have.

If you do not have any experience with assembly or construction work, then we strongly recommend that you consult a professional carpenter, builder, or DIY expert locally to you, or use the professional Casetas de Jardin 24 assembly service. Installation errors may lead to an expensive repair or a delay while awaiting replacement parts and ultimately lead to a voided 5-year warranty.

Our installation team can assemble most of the smaller sauna cabins within a day while medium size and larger sauna cabins require more time and could be assembled within 2 to 3 days.

What is the best type of base for a sauna cabin?

Sauna cabins as well as all other types of wooden garden buildings must be installed on a firm and level base. Depending on the ground, soil, and budget, there are various ways to build a base for a sauna cabin. We have prepared a list of suitable bases for a garden building. You can read more at our UK assembly instructions page