Lappish Grillkota
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Lappish Grillkota L 9,5 M2 / 3,6 X 3,6 M / 42 MM

Price: 9.520,00
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The LAPPISH GRILLKOTA L, with its impressive specifications, is an excellent choice for those who appreciate outdoor cooking and want to enjoy it in style. With a generous 9.5 square meters of space, it provides ample room for you and your guests to gather and savoir delicious meals prepared on the grill. The dimensions of 3.6 meters by 3.6 meters create a spacious and comfortable interior. One of the standout features of the LAPPISH GRILLKOTA L is its robust 42mm wall thickness, which ensures excellent insulation and structural stability. This means you can comfortably use this grill hut throughout the year, no matter the weather conditions. Additionally, this grillroom comes equipped with a granite table and a chimney set, making it well-equipped for cooking and ensuring that the barbecue experience is both convenient and enjoyable. The inclusion of wooden benches, either five for the hexagonal design or seven for the octagonal version, provides comfortable seating for your guests. In summary, the LAPPISH GRILLKOTA L offers an impressive blend of space, durability, and convenience, making it an ideal choice for those who want to take their outdoor cooking to the next level.

Entrega: 6 - 10 semanas
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External dimensions: 3,6 x 3,6 m (11′ 9” x 11′ 9”)
Eaves height: 1,6 m (5′ 3”)
Overall height without chimney: 3,2 m (10′ 6”)
Wall thickness: 42 mm
Internal area: 9,5 m²
Roofing: Ca 15 m² incl. ICOPAL roof shingles, 17 mm
Floor: 21 mm, treated wood elements
Door (s): Double door 1,15 x 1,7 m (glazing)
Window (s): 5 fixed, 2 opening (other options available)
Material: Nordic pine, untreated
Additional information: Treated foundation joists and flooring, assembly kit, real glass in windows and doors, cylinder lock, product manual, 5 years guarantee.Finnish made 2-level grill with granite table and chimney set. Wooden benches (5 for hexagonal and 7 benches for octagonal BBQ hut).