Double Garage F With Up And Over Doors | 5.7x5.5m | 44mm | G0189-1
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Double Garage F With Up And Over Doors / 5,7 X 5,5 M / 44 MM

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Finance option

Deluxe F, a contemporary wooden garage in our collection, boasts a range of features that make it a top choice for discerning homeowners. The inclusion of practical swing gates simplifies the process of entering and exiting the garage, enhancing the overall user experience. Furthermore, the substantial 70 mm thick walls provide exceptional insulation, ensuring that your garage remains comfortable throughout the seasons. To add to its durability, Deluxe F comes equipped with double-glazed windows and strategically placed metal bars in all four corners of the structure. This not only contributes to the garage’s structural integrity but also extends its lifespan, making it a sound investment for your property. For those who enjoy DIY projects and have a partner to assist them, the assembly process is straightforward and can typically be completed within two to three days. However, if you prefer a hassle-free experience, you have the option to enlist our assembly team’s services. Their expertise allows them to set up the Deluxe F garage efficiently in just one day, ensuring a seamless and professionally executed installation. In summary, Deluxe F is a contemporary wooden garage that offers convenience, durability, and a choice of assembly methods to suit your preferences and needs.

Entrega: 2 - 4 semanas
Entrega: 3 - 6 semanas


External dimensions: 5,7 m (18′ 8”) x 5,5 m (18′)
Wall height: 2,3 m (7′ 6”)
Ridge height: 2,7 m (8′ 10”)
Wall thickness: 44 mm
Internal area: 31 m²
Roofing: Ca 36 m², 18 mm
Floor: no
Door (s): 2 x Garage door 2,37 x 1,96 cm, single door 0,84 x 1,96 m
Window (s): 3 x single window 0,9 x 0,5 m (opening, double glazed)
Material: Nordic spruce, untreated
Additional information: Treated foundation joists, wind braces, assembly kit, real glass in windows and doors, cylinder lock, product manual, 5 years guarantee.