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  • Small Garden Sauna Cabin Built in Marbella

    We built a 2 x 2 m sauna cabin for a customer in Marbella and are happy to share some photos and information about the product.

    The sauna cabin we built is one of our latest additions to our product range and comes with many great features including fully insulated walls and large glass surfaces to open up the view from the sauna and let plenty of natural light in.

    The sauna cabin kit was delivered in the morning and our assembly team completed assembly within a day. Since the electricity was working and the gable to plug in and connect the sauna heater were prepared beforehand, the first sauna bath could be enjoyed on the same day in the evening.

    Sauna in Nueva Andalucia Marbella

    To heat the sauna room, we supplied a 7KW Harvia Cilindro electrical sauna heater with 80 kg of sauna stones.

    This small sauna cabin model became popular immediately after we launched it in early 2024. It has a contemporary look, a very compact size and a footprint of just 2 x 2 meters, so it fits into almost any garden or next to your swimming pool. This sauna has an attractive price and a short delivery time, and these are the strongest sales arguments and the main reasons why our customers like it.

    Despite its relatively small size, the sauna room comfortably accommodates three adults, and thanks to its large windows, it feels spacious.

    This sauna cabin can be ordered with a factory-painted finish. If you opt for a factory-painted finish, your freshly produced cabin will have each panel hand-sprayed with several layers of wood preservative and topcoat. This will give your sauna cabin a super slick high-quality paint finish and excellent protection against the elements.

    The sauna cabin kit includes all necessary components such as fully insulated walls and ceiling, sauna benches, headrests, sauna floor, and a tempered glass sauna door.

    We have more than twenty models of outdoor sauna cabins to choose from


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