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  • Build the home gym of your dreams in a garden room

    Garages and spare rooms are usually where the most avid fitness enthusiasts set up their home gyms. But what if we use the garage for the car and the spare room for guests or an office? Even a small garden shed can be transformed into a gym, and it doesn’t necessarily need a lot of expensive equipment. Follow these tips to build a sleek home gym.

    Plan the optimal use of space

    Unlike gyms, homes often lack the space to accommodate treadmills, stationary bikes, weight machines and other fitness equipment. Fortunately, you do not necessarily need equipment to work out at home if you focus on bodyweight exercises.

    Others prefer to go to the gym for exercise classes. However, there are many remote classes that you can join from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a laptop, a gym or yoga mat and some floor space. To enhance your home gym, you can install a large TV and sound system to immerse yourself in the virtual classes. This also gives you the option of using your garden shed as a TV room when you are not working out.

    If you enjoy weightlifting, you need to take precautions to protect both your floor and your equipment. The floor of our log cabins is made of 18 or 28 mm wooden floorboards and is resistant to most stresses. However, if you lift heavy weights and drop them on the floor, the boards may crack. You can either use a concrete floor (which reduces the level of insulation) or change your setup. Rack pulls give your floor a break and strengthen your glutes and spinal erectors. If you are going to do deadlifts, protect your floor with bumpers, rubber mats, a lifting platform or floor mats.

    For your cardio workout, choose the equipment you use most often at the gym. There are plenty of space-saving cross trainers, treadmills and indoor rowing machines, and even folding exercise bikes.

    Using a garden shed for other sports

    A home gym can also be a space for other sports, such as table tennis. The ping-pong table can be conveniently folded up and moved to the side when space is needed for other activities. Alternatively, install a large mirror and use your shed as a dance studio.

    Caseta de jardín grande como sala de ping-pong

    For keen golfers, golf simulators provide a convenient training space out of season and during rainy weather. We have designed a range of golf simulator cabins. They offer extra ceiling height, excellent thermal insulation and plenty of additional space for sofas or a bar.

    Caseta para Simulador de Golf 3 6x4m 70mm

    Our best garden rooms for home gyms

    Our range includes garden buildings in all shapes and sizes. Most have a single room with windows on two sides, but we also offer garden buildings with multiple rooms that can be used for a variety of purposes. Our top picks for a home gym are:

    Olivia ALU: 14 m² floor space, 44 mm thick walls, 3.8 × 3.8 m external dimensions. This garden room has large sliding doors for a fresh breeze in the summer.

    Contemporary Home Office Olivia ALU | 14 m2 | 3.8x3.8m | 44mm | G0368-1

    Sweden A: 23 m² floor space, 70 mm thick walls, 6 × 4 m external dimensions. This log cabin has a shower room and a spacious living room.

    Garden Room B: 38 m² floor space, 70 mm thick walls, 8 × 5 m exterior dimensions. This large log cabin offers plenty of space for a diverse gym set-up and fun equipment such as a snooker or table tennis table.

    There are many other garden cabins that can be used as a home gym. We also offer custom-built log cabins to suit your space and requirements.

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