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  • Bespoke, multifunctional 200 m2 wooden house on the Costa del Sol

    We have completed the construction of a large, 200 m2 bespoke wooden house for a family living on the Costa del Sol and are pleased to be able to show you some photos of the work that has been carried out. This bespoke wooden house was built based on the client’s plans.

    After receiving the client’s plans, our engineers drew up a detailed design of the house using wood as the building material, and after making some changes at the client’s request, the plans were finally approved, and the project was ready to become a reality.

    Multifunctional 200 m2 bespoke wooden house built in Costa del Sol

    This spacious timber house was built as an extension to the existing house as the clients needed additional space for an office, a garage for the tractor, two guest bedrooms, a bathroom with shower, a room for their eldest daughter and two stables for horses. All were integrated into this large wooden structure.

    The walls of the house are 70 mm thick – the thickness we generally use for wooden houses between 50 and 100 m2. To improve thermal insulation, we used double-glazing with an argon between two glass layers in the doors and windows, and we also insulated the floor and ceiling. These features, together with air conditioning, allow our clients to use the house all year round.

    It took two and a half months from the time the order was placed to the completion of the building. Once the plans for the house had been drawn up and approved by the client, the production, and delivery of the kit took six weeks. During these six weeks, the client hired a local company to build the concrete slab and prepare the electricity, water, and sewerage connections. Our installation team arrived the day after the house kit and all additional materials were delivered. Within two weeks we had assembled the house structure, laid the floor and roof insulation and asphalt shingles, and finally painted the house inside and out. All interior surfaces were treated with clear wood oil, while for the exterior surfaces, the client chose Remmers’ wood preservative in Mediterranean pine colour.

    From there, the local company had to finish the electrical installations, equip the kitchen and the toilet, and finish the area around the house. Meanwhile, the two horses moved into their new home.

    If you are looking for a bespoke wooden house – large or small – do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation quote for your project.

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