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  • A quick guide to log cabins and wooden buildings

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    Log cabins are a modern solution to modern problems. Made from high-quality materials, equipped with thermal insulation, and designed to suit multiple needs and uses, it’s no surprise they’re rising in popularity.

    If you are currently looking to buy a log cabin, you have probably already noticed that there are many different types to choose from. Read on to find out about their uses and advantages.

    Why buy a log cabin?

    If you are not currently considering buying a log cabin, we would like to change your mind, as there are countless benefits to be considered.

    Log cabins come in all shapes and sizes

    We offer small, medium, and large log cabins in both traditional and modern designs. Our smallest models have a floor area of 22 square metres, while our large cottages have floor areas of over 100 square metres. The smaller cabins consist of a single room, while our large cabins can have several bedrooms, bathrooms, and lofts that can be used as additional bedrooms.

    In addition to the standard kits that you can find in the online shop and in our showroom in Mijas Costa, you can also opt for a custom-built house that is perfectly suited to your needs and the space you have available. If you are not sure what type of house you want, have a look at our most popular models, such as the Sweden G (one bedroom), Ireland (two bedrooms) or Holiday Q (one bedroom plus loft).

    Log cabins to suit any garden

    No matter what kind of garden you have, there is a log cabin that will fit in perfectly. If your garden is not massive, you will find a wide range of small log cabins in our online shop. Two log cabins that are perfect for small gardens are Stefan 1 (with one bedroom and loft) and Stefan 2 (with one bedroom). A small log cabin can easily feel cramped, which is why we design most log cabins with large windows and glazed doors to allow plenty of natural light.

    Another reason why log cabins look great in any garden is that they are mainly made of wood, which is an eye-catching material. The texture of wood complements a wide range of landscapes and is easy to integrate into any outdoor space. If you are not a fan of the traditional log cabin, you can always opt for one of our modern models.

    Log cabins are versatile

    For most people, building a log cabin is a major investment that should not be taken lightly. However, it is also a long-term investment, and its versatility means it can pay for itself in many ways. Rooms can be converted from bedrooms to home offices, or from living rooms to home gyms when they no longer suit your needs. Furthermore, log cabins are thermally insulated and can be used in all seasons.

    Log cabins are durable

    Timber structures have a reputation for being reliable and stable in all weathers. Thanks to their sturdy construction, log cabins can withstand rain, snow, and extreme heat without significant damage. Constructed from interlocking planks, log cabins can withstand the harshest of winters and the hottest of summers, and with proper insulation, they will always provide you with a comfortable temperature.

    With regular maintenance, this type of construction will last a lifetime. Just think of the Viking ships, which were made of overlapping planks of wood and lasted for hundreds of years. If wood is used and treated properly, it can last for generations. The key is to protect the wood from moisture by building a solid foundation and using the right wood preservatives.

    Is it possible to permanently live in a log cabin?

    Log cabins are often used as leisure rooms, home offices or guest houses. However, when properly insulated and fitted with heating or air conditioning, they can also be used as a home. We offer a wide range of thermally insulated log cabins that are large enough for singles, couples, and even families to live in permanently.

    When it comes to housing, there is one important aspect to consider: planning permission. In Spain, a house can only be built on a building plot and with a technical project supervised by an architect. In addition, a building permit is required, and the house must comply with the requirements of the Building Law and the Technical Building Code. The regulations to be followed depend on the specific site where the log cabin is to be built. Contact your local council’s town planning department to find out about local requirements and legislation.

    Can log cabins be used as tiny houses?

    If you have always dreamed of living in a small, eco-friendly house surrounded by nature, a log cabin is the perfect choice. Wood is the best material in terms of sustainability if it comes from sustainably managed forests because it sequesters carbon, it is easy to transport and there is no waste in its processing. It is also a durable material with natural properties that will last a lifetime. As well as being sustainable, log home kits can be assembled in a matter of days and are easy to convert.

    Find your perfect log cabin

    To find out more about our high-quality log cabins, visit our showroom in Mijas Costa. We have hundreds of models to choose from and although you won’t be able to see them all in the showroom, you can find them in our online shop. Ordering online is a quick and easy process and our team of specialists will be happy to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products or the delivery process.

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