Wooden Gazebo Nicole L
Nicole L floorplan

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Wooden Gazebo Nicole L 9 M2 / 3,6 X 3,6 M

Price: 3.290,00
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Certainly! The “WOODEN GAZEBO NICOLE L 9 M² / 3,6 X 3,6 M” appears to be a wooden gazebo with the model name “Nicole L.” The dimensions of this gazebo are 9 square meters, and it measures 3.6 meters by 3.6 meters. A wooden gazebo is a charming and versatile outdoor structure that can serve various purposes in your garden or backyard. Wooden gazebos like the Nicole L model can be a great addition to your outdoor space. They provide a sheltered area where you can relax, entertain guests, or enjoy the natural surroundings. The choice of wood as the construction material adds a rustic and elegant touch to the gazebo’s design, making it blend seamlessly with the outdoor environment. When considering a wooden gazebo like the Nicole L, it’s important to think about its placement, maintenance, and any additional features or accessories you might want to add. Gazebos are perfect for creating a cosy retreat in your garden, and they can be customized with seating, lighting, and other elements to enhance your outdoor experience. In summary, the “WOODEN GAZEBO NICOLE L 9 M² / 3,6 X 3,6 M” is a wooden gazebo model with dimensions of 9 square meters and a size of 3.6 meters by 3.6 meters, offering a wonderful outdoor space for various activities in your garden or backyard.

Entrega: 6 - 10 semanas
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External dimensions: 3,6 x 3,6 m (11′ 9” x 11′ 9”)
Eaves height: 2,15 m (7′ 0”)
Overall height: 3 m (9′ 10”)
Balustrade panels: No
Uprights: 8 x 120 mm post
Useful area: 9 m²
Roof: Ca 15 m² incl. ICOPAL roof shingles, 17 mm
Floor: No
Material: Nordic pine, untreated
Additional information: Assembly kit, product manual, 5 years guarantee.