Wooden Gazebo Lotte S 6 M2 / 3 X 3 M

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The Lotte S small gazebo is a delightful and versatile addition to any garden. This gazebo provides a charming escape from the sun’s intensity or light rain showers, making it a perfect space for relaxation, outdoor dining, and a secure play area for children. With its robust construction, featuring a 120 mm diameter upright posts, and an elegant design that includes eye-catching X-shaped wall elements, it excels in both form and function.

The Lotte gazebo’s adaptability is one of its standout features. It can be transformed into a tranquil retreat for relaxation, becoming a serene oasis in your garden. Additionally, it serves as an ideal setting for hosting enjoyable outdoor barbecues with friends and family, allowing you to savoir delicious meals while enjoying the natural surroundings. Furthermore, it offers a delightful play area for children, giving them a safe and sheltered space for imaginative adventures and games.

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External dimensions: 3 x 3 m (9′ 10” x 9′ 10”)
Eaves height: 2,15 m (7′ 0”)
Overall height: 2,8 m (9′ 2”)
Balustrade panels: 5 x XX-style balustrade panels
Support post: 6 x 120 mm post
Useful area: 6 m²
Roof: Ca 11 m² incl. ICOPAL roof shingles, 17 mm
Floor: 21 mm, treated wood elements
Material: Nordic pine, untreated
Additional information: Treated foundation joists and floor, assembly kit, product manual, 5 years guarantee.