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  • How to start a wooden cabin rental business

    Spain is visited all year round by people from a wide range of countries. In particular, people from the Nordic countries, where it is cold in winter, like to come to the warmth of Spain for their holidays. However, not all travellers want to stay in standard hotel accommodations, so Airbnb and Bed & Breakfasts are becoming increasingly popular.

    Our wooden garden buildings and log cabins are ideal for this type of accommodation. You can host occasional guests through Airbnb whenever you want and earn some extra income, or you can create a bigger accommodation business by setting up your own holiday village.

    Here’s how to get started

    First, of course, you need a cabin in which you can accommodate guests. If you don’t already own a cabin, the first thing to consider is whether you’ll be using it primarily as a rental property or whether you’ll be spending most of your time there yourself.

    From the perspective of a person looking for accommodation, the size and facilities of the cabin will increase its attractiveness. Ideally, the cabin will have at least one separate bedroom or sleeping loft, a living room which may also have a kitchen with water supply, and preferably a toilet/shower. Of course, a compact one-room cabin would also work, but you would have to provide a bathroom for your guests elsewhere.

    Think about how many guests you want or can accommodate. A large garden cabin is certainly a more substantial initial investment, but if you can accommodate more guests, you’ll be able to charge a higher price.

    Decide how you want to rent out your holiday home

    You set the terms of your letting activity. Think about the type of tenant you want. Solo travellers, couples, families or groups of friends? Talk to people in the rental business or look at tenants’ reviews on Airbnb to find out what can go wrong with a log cabin rental. Create rules and conditions for your accommodation that will help prevent the potential problems you have identified. Think about these points too:

    • What (additional) services will you offer?
    • How much will you charge for the accommodation?
    • When will the cabin be used as a holiday rental, and when will you use it yourself?
    • Is there a smoking area?
    • Will pets be allowed?

    If you are just starting out, using platforms such as Airbnb can be a convenient way to begin. They don’t require you to set up a company, make it easy for customers to find you and support you with secure payments and a professional profile. They also allow other hosts to review tenants, so you can find out if there have been issues with them elsewhere. Depending on the customers, letting a holiday home can be both rewarding and very demanding, requiring a great deal of flexibility and nerves of steel. Letting through a platform allows you to get out of the business quickly if you find it’s not for you.

    If you find that you enjoy letting your holiday home and that it generates a steady stream of income, you may want to skip the platform fees and start your own business. There are plenty of ways for customers to find you without the help of Airbnb, and you could even benefit from returning customers. For example, you can add a tag to your cabin’s address on Google Maps to indicate that it’s a holiday rental and add a link to your website or Facebook business profile. Consider asking other people in the holiday rental business for advice, and consulting a tax advisor when setting up your business.

    From casual host to holiday resort

    Eventually, you may want to expand your rental portfolio from one or two properties to a large operation. Perhaps you already own or are in the process of buying a large plot of land to take the next step in your successful business.

    We offer a wide range of garden rooms and log cabins in a variety of styles and sizes that can be adapted to suit your needs. We also offer bespoke log cabins based on your ideas or designs. Furthermore, we deliver to all areas of Spain and offer free delivery in Andalusia. Our log cabins are delivered with assembly instructions and all parts required for assembly. We also offer a professional assembly service.

    For large-scale projects, please contact our customer service team so we can find a design solution that suits your individual needs.

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