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  • Main advantages of our wooden houses

    Main advantages of our wooden houses

    Our standard cabin kits have many premium equipment features. You will hardly find a garden house of similar quality and with premium equipment comparable to our standard cabin sets.
    German made tilt & turn systems with multi locking points ensure the best user comfort and extended lifespan.
    Tempered safety glass in doors and windows guarantees durability and safety. Tempered glass is five times stronger than normal glass, and if there is a strong impact, tempered glass breaks into small blunt pieces and does not shatter into pieces like normal glass. This significantly reduces the chance of injury, while regular glass breaks into long, sharp pieces and can cause serious injury.
    Double-glazed doors and windows with aluminum water bands (included in all models with a wall thickness of at least 44 mm) significantly increase resistance to weathering and temperature and allow you to use your log house in the colder months, especially in combination with our additional cabin insulation kits and a simple heating system.
    European-made door hardware, door handles and locks guarantee excellent functionality and durability.
    Metal storm strips and additional reinforcement struts on the walls (included in all models with a wall thickness of at least 44 mm) guarantee better stability and more resistance.
    The solid roof constructions guarantee a roof load capacity of at least 120-200 kg / m2 for all our log cabins and ensure that your garden shed is stable and lasts for many years.
    Factory impregnated foundation frames allow you to begin assembly immediately. The remaining parts must be treated ( inside and outside ) once the assembly is finished.
    Factory impregnated deck boards are very easy to use because they save labor. Our deeply impregnated deck boards do not require any additional treatment, so you still have to assemble and enjoy them right away.
    All cabin components are made of carefully selected slow grown dense Nordic spruce which ensures better cabin strength and longevity compared to commonly used southern wood.
    More than twenty years of experience in the design and production of wooden constructions assures us that we can offer better knowledge and experience in the manufacture and supply of high quality wooden houses.
    Weather-resistant packaging protects your cabin from moisture, sun, UV radiation and other weather conditions. Your package can easily stay outside for several weeks if you don't install it immediately after delivery.
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    5-year factory warranty on all wooden parts
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