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    Garden Room Foundation Kit

    Choosing the right base for your cabin is as important as choosing the right cabin model for you. A good base will ensure you get years of hassle free enjoyment from your cabin.

    Here are the main features and benefits of a LogFoot base foundation kit.

    • The LogFoot system gives you a 20 cm adjustment margin to achieve a level surface across the frame.
    • No concrete or stonework is necessary, so you don’t need heavy equipment.
    • In addition to the LogFoot metal brackets, Summerhouse24 supplies you with the wooden frame that enables you to build your structure directly on top. You do not have to get a suitable substructure yourself.
    • This DIY foundation system is up to 80% cheaper than a concrete foundation. If you are using our cabin installation service and would like our installers to assemble this base as part of the installation then you need to select “Full Kit & Install”.
    • Should you decide to move your cabin or move house, this base can be easily dismantled and transported.
    • Our foundations can be used for any garden house up to 45m².

    The innovative LogFoot foundation system can carry many times the weight of the house itself and can be built by any do-it-yourselfer who can operate cordless screwdrivers and spirit levels.

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