Decorative, liquid wood preservative stain

Remmers HK stain

Remmers HK Stain is a market leading wood preservative that will give your garden building the best protection possible against the elements and especially against soft rot and blue stain. It also protects your summer house from dampness and sun damage. It does not flake or peel. A higher solid content prevents gnawing by wasps. The coating also contains a film preservative to protect your building from microbial infestation e.g. mould and algae.

Remmers HK Stain is very easy to use. It can be applied directly to untreated wood without any requirement to use primers or under coat. This saves you time and money! Remmers HK Stain is available in a wide range of colours* but at the same time maintains the natural look of wood.

We have calculated the approximate quantity of Remmers HK Stain required to protect each and every summer house.